We've been doing this for a while

Established in 2011, Standing Fierce provides regular offline tournaments throughout the year. We've helped run esports events all over the country, our next event might be around the corner from you!

Most importantly, we're here to connect like minded people so if you're keen on looking for local players to play some fighting games with then you've come to the right place. Make sure to check out our social media pages at the bottom to help get connected with the community!

If you've got an event idea relating to gaming, we'd love to hear about it!

2019 Major Event Calendar

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    Redzone Rumble 3

    March 2 & 3 2019

    Redzone Rumble went on hiatus in 2018 to make way for Garden of Might. This year its back and looking to give you that same experience you've loved in the past.. plus ultra!

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    We're still trying to unlock this major event. Come back later for this. Go practice for Redzone Rumble!


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