First of all welcome to guys!  A big thanks to CaptainHook, Geneterror, Rorooze, and ILL_BILL for all the hard work, and all the other testers.  Site is looking great!


Secondly, welcome to my blog I guess.  My aim for this blog is to provide some thought provoking insight on things that happen in the local and international fighting game community.  Hopefully this will generate some interesting discussion in our community and get people thinking.


I like the idea of a blog format, as I am pretty abysmal at article writing.  A little less formality in the form of a blog will suit me better methinks!


Thought I’d kick it off by talking about my latest dilemma involving MVC3, and choosing my team.  I’ve been through a few different combinations.  First I started with Arthur/Ironman/Sentinel.  I dropped Arthur as I felt (and still do feel) that he sucks due to his low life/mobility and the big holes that show up in his zoning game.


Arcana HerAfter a bit of a wait from some of us that didn't want to import the Japanese version, Arcana Heart 3 is finally up on the U.S PSN store NOW with the European version hopefully being released June 10th, 2011! For those that don't know Arcana Heart 3 is an "anime" fighter for want of a better description similar to Blazblue but features an all female cast and the very unique Arcana system.
People playing the downloaded U.S PSN version have also been reporting having no problems playing Japanese players using the disc based version.

For those that want to know a bit more about Arcana Heart 3 did a writeup based on the Japanese version which you can read here.

I know I'm looking forward to giving it a blast when the EU version drops in June! (fingers crossed)
Hey Guys my name is CptMunta creator of 3 Green Bars. A youtube series looking at different fighting game communities across the globe. 

This blog is kind of to collect my thoughts on different scenes, stories and experiences that were caught on and off camera and to post up interesting footage that didn't make the cut. 

It's hard to believe that it was only July last year when I was on holiday in Germany. I decided to meet up with some local players in Hamburg, to get some games in and to stop my Rose getting rusty. I bought my crappy cybershot camera, dusted off my video editing skills I got way back in 99' doing a diploma course in multimedia and covered some of Hamburg's Super Street Fighter IV scene just for fun.

For those of us that still get a kick out of Guilty Gear check out this awesome video compilation created by .

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www.shadowloo.comOur partners in fighting game crime across the ditch have posted Episode 5 of their ongoing series The X Report  documenting what's going on in the Australian fighting game scene. These videos have very high production values and are extremely informative.

"Hey guys, welcome to Episode 5 of ‘The X Report’. In this episode we will be covering these three events. - Nintendo 3DS launch at EBGames - Galactic Circus SSF4AE Ranked Battle: Round 4 - Couchwarriors Ranked Battle: Round 2 You will get results, videos and interviews from these events listed above..."

To read the full article and watch the video go to or click here to go straight to the article.

altRumours are flying about how the console version of SSF4 AE will work in terms of balance changes, new chars, and if people with the update will be able to select regular SSF4 chars, or play people online who don't have AE etc.

Here's what Seth shared:

• The console release of SSF4 Arcade Edition will be a perfect port of the version currently in arcades. Do not anticipate any balance changes in AE.

• SSF4 users who don't upgrade to AE can't play against the new characters, but they get the increased search functionality of the replay system. They can also watch Arcade Edition matches.

• It's not setup like Anniversary Edition where you could pick different versions of characters from the games. When you start the title up, you can choose to either play SSF4 or AE.

• You do not get the balance updates for your characters if you don't upgrade. The developers wanted to leave SSF4 alone for people who still wanted to play that iteration of Street Fighter, also they weren't sure how the old characters would stack up against the new fighters, Yang, Yun, Evil Ryu and Oni, without the balance changes they received in the new title.

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Ryu kickin' ass!New info just published on the US Playstation Blog on Capcoms upcoming crossover fighter Street Fighter x Tekken.

At Captivate last week, Capcom unveiled the first batch of playable characters in Street Fighter X Tekken: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile and Abel from Street Fighter and Kazuya, Nina Williams, King, Marduk and Bob from Tekken. Afterwords, Producer Yoshinori Ono spoke how Street Fighter X Tekken came to be. In his words…head over to the US Playstaion blog for the full story or read the article here.

I definitely find this to be an encouraging quote though:
"We’re not just throwing a bunch of Tekken characters into Street Fighter and I hope that fans from both sides are going to be attracted to Street Fighter X Tekken.
The ideal ending to this story is to have built a common ground, where the best Street Fighter players and the best Tekken players in the world can duke it out. I’d be really happy with that."
Shadowloo Showdown: Where Will You Be?..With more than a few Kiwi's looking to make the trip to Oz for Shadowloo Showdown I thought I would post this heads up to one of the best trailers I've seen in a while for a fighting game event. If this doesn't get you hype nothing will!

To read the full article and watch the video go to or click here to go straight to the article and video.

BB:CS2 finally!Taken straight from the front page of the best news I have read in ages!

Have you been wondering when you'd finally get the chance to play Platinum the Trinity in BB:CS? Well, you're probably not alone considering news on the character has been pretty slim --  until now, that is! Kurushii sent over a tip just now about the upcoming console release date for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II.  The two major additions for this patch are the inclusion of Platinum and bringing the balance of the console version up to date with the arcade version. They are also apparently fixing a few bugs and updating the netcode as well. You can read about all the changes by clicking here.

Keep in mind this is the Japanese release date for the patch, though hopefully the release date for North America won't be that far off. If the price for the update is kept the same for each region, it looks like it will cost roughly 10 dollars to acquire the patch.
JP 360 Release date for Platinum DLC + v1.03: 5/10 (560points)

JP PS3 Release date for Platinum DLC + v1.03: 5/12 (800yen)

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