OH SNAP, its time for ROUND 3

SSF4 time at Giga this friday, who's been getting their practice on?

Can Rumble make it 2 wins in a row and cement his stay at the top, can anyone stop his Cody?

See you guys there

Hey all,

I don't often post much on the front page, mostly due to my own inherant laziness, but I feel like I need to say this. A lot of you are aware of KOF XIII, I'm sure. Im also sure that there are plenty of you that have yet to give it a try. Basically, if you haven't tried this game, I really REALLY think you should. As someone who has played just about every fighting game since 2001, (Except all the anime inspired stuff, because it just doesn't appeal) I am pretty vocal about what I don't like in the games I play. This is pretty extensive btw, so if youre keen for some reading and some gameplay videos, hit the Read More button and get on the BEST FIGHTING GAME EVER train.
ranbats season 1 round 1 copyIt's that time again guys, time for RANBATS.

Here's the deal:

Start time has been pushed back to 7.30pm.
We will be running them weekly now instead of fortnightly.
Points will mean alot this year, so work hard for them.

Apart from that everythings gonna be the same.

See you all there and also, check the Auckland forums for any updates/changes/queries.

Hey everyone, well 2011 is just about behind us and with that we had a year with an awesome start middle and a semi good end.

So I thought I should post a minor recap of the year,

2011 saw the introduction of Standing Fierce as a website and as the central hub for fighting game related information in NZ.

Standing Fierce then went on to organise a total of 4 pretty sweet events and numerous Ranbats and Casual Gaming Sessions. Each of which helped build the community into a stronger field of players.

2011 also saw the end of a very influental website for alot of us, NZism. I know there are a lot of mixed feelings on this matter and I won't stir anything up, but I still pay respect where respect is due.

Standing Fierce gained its first Sponsor, Livewire. Which is a pretty major step, thanks to Livewire and the team there.

Our first tournament for the year was First Blood, which saw our first tournament with the much anticipated Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

With Massiah coming out on top over King Kung. These 2 guys setting the bar for future MVC3 events.
1st: Massiah
2nd: Toots(King Kung) 

Then in SSF4 the Smash Bros. showing everyone not to forget about this game with a 1st and 2nd finish respectively for Jack and Fong.

KOFXIIISo it looks like we'll finally get King of Fighters this week after multiple delays. A lot of people are interested in the game but have never played a King of Fighters game before so I thought I would post up a few helpful links for those transitioning from a game like SF4 or other Capcom fighters.

First up check out www.dreamcancel.com for a lot of videos tutorials etc.

Also check out videos on youtube uploaded by DandyDLC:



DandyDLC is responsible for some of the best KOF tutorials on the net including this brilliant overview of KOF mechanics  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r75Lz1Drp8g&noredirect=1. That video is only part 1 so if you're interested in the game I can't recommend these videos enough.

Hopefully distribution issues and delays haven't killed this game in New Zealand as it is a good alternative to SSF4 if you don't like SSF4's comeback mechanics (Ultras) or like me you would prefer fighters still used 2D sprites!

Hopefully these links help those new to the series or those that just want to know more about the game before trying it for themselves. 

Friday can't come soon enough for me! 


This friday, same deal as last week, except this time we're running UMVC3 exclusively, then after the ranbat tournament part has finished we shall be running 1 setup for casual UMVC3 and one for casual KOF13.

Come down and get your MAHVEL on baby.....and get DEM POINTS

Thanks to some pretty sweet work by DJ Reminise/BLADE, the 4 & Rotary Nationals will also be having a Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting and Super Street Fighter 4 tournament. So we thought, we might aswell help out and get down there so come down guys and show off your skills to a bigger audience. We've never had a chance to show case how awesome these games are to such a large audience.

Myself, BirryWong and a few others will be there on the day, at a stall, (Churs to Blade for that one) where we will be selling the sweet sweet awesomeness that is Street Fighter. Tons of prizes, promo girls.....it's gonna be epic.

When: 12pm, 28th of January (11am Registrations begin)
Where: ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland 
How Much: $20

There are two catagories:
Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting: Double elimination bracket. Arcade machines supplied.
Super Street Fighter 4: Double elimination bracket. Xbox 360 setups. Must supply your own control joystick

Defeat the best and become the 2012 V 4 & Rotary Street Fighter Champion!

StandingFierce TV
So as most of you know Auckland had our last event for the year on the 10th of December. We still don't have all the videos to upload yet but Dan, who captured videos on the day, has given me a link to the UMvC3 Grand Finals so as a teaser to the other videos I present to you the Christmas Damager UMvC3 Grand Finals!
There will be mulitple vids to follow including Winners, Losers and Grand finals for both SSF4 and UMvC3. If this thread is anything to go by ( http://www.standingfierce.com/forum/site-feedback/rankings-1/9863?limit=20&offset=0 ) this gives Wellington and Christchurch a chance to study up Cool!

Big thanks to Dan for capturing and supplying the footage. The rest of it will be up next week and I will post the brackets when I can find them but you can see the full results here http://www.standingfierce.com/forum/post-tournament-discussions/xmas-damager-2/9752#p9752 . 

But for now here is the UMvC3 Grand Finals between Smoof (Player 1) and Massi4h (Player 2).
This will be the final fighting game event held in Auckland for 2011. The last tournament for Street Fighter 4:AE before the release of AE 2012 and the very first for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. With a whole bunch of new characters and altered system mechanics will we see a new champ for UMVC3? Will a Yun, Yang or Fei Long manage to win their first tournament in New Zealand before the mighty nerf bat strikes?

Tournament Games:
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition (SSF4) Singles
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (MVC3) Singles

When: 10th of December 2011, 11:30am registration 12pm start

Where: Giga, Level 2, 65 Wakefield Street, CBD Auckland
Entry Fees: $10 per game.

Please refer to the Standing Fierce tournament rule page here: http://www.standingfierce.com/forum/topic/22-standing-fierce-event-rules

There will be no pre-pay registration for this event, but if you are interested please post your name and the games you wish to enter in this thread.

Bring your own controllers, especially if you are a pad player. All games will be played on Xbox 360.