What a way to start of the year.

There were a lot of new faces and that was good to see. The skill level has increased a lot.

Thank you to the Bluestone room staff for letting us come in and do our thing, although real sorry to Salty Noob about the ID thing. Will definately make sure the next event caters to the younger members in our community.

Thanks to the Tekken community for making it out and making the event awesome. Sorry about the little mixup with the bracket we had, but thanks for being understanding about it.

Shout outs to Polyenykes for coming up from Wellington and holding it down like a boss. Soon bro.

Congratulations to the respective winners on the day, T.Thunder for Hyper, BG for Tekken Tag 2, Massi4h for Marvel and Rumble for SSF4AE2012.

Clearly this year the competition is going to be close. With a few upsets here and there (Devrow vs ChilenNox, Rumble vs Devilstar) and a few almost upsets ( Sol vs Massi4h, Sol vs Dafid) on the day, we are sure to be treated to a lot of close matches and maybe even a few new rivalries.

Thanks to Craig from arseynimz.com for the awesome photos that we have on our Facebook page
The top 8 for each game will be posted up in the forums for you all to check out.
If you wanna see your name posted up, get that practice in and turn up to events guys Wink

See you all at AutoMania woooooooo

Standing Fierce proudly presents:


Saturday March 2nd
$20 Entry fee
+$10 for every other game after the first.

Bluestone Room
9-11 Durham Lane
Central City
Auckland City

Back to kick off 2013, is FIRST BLOOD 3 and what better way to kick off the year, then by the same way we finished, in a BAR YO!!!

Now just because it’s in a bar, doesn’t mean this tournament isn’t going to be serious. Cash, Prizes, Seeding points and respect all on the line. Not to mention maybe a money match someone might need to run back from WellyLAN.

We are also going to be doing pre-registrations and prepayments only. This is due to the venue not being open until pretty much when we start. So we need to have the brackets all up and ready the night before. Therefore all registrations for games will finish at midnight February the 28th. Leaving Friday as the final day to make payments, by either bank deposit or by arranging something with us to pay in person.


For more info go here:
To Register go here:
Just a reminder to everyone that Wellington LAN 2013 is approaching fast!

Only three weeks to go until it all kicks off at the Amora Hotel on January 26 & 27th. So please make sure that if you are planning on heading along that you have all of your registrations, payments, travel and accommodation sorted ASAP!
It is going to be an epic event and an awesome experience for anyone wishing to go head to head with Aussies finest, represent their city or even just test themselves in a tournament setting.

For more information, dates, pricing and registration check out AVT website's WellyLAN page here:

And if you are looking to suss out travel, rides or meetups with other members of the FGC then you can check out our WellyLAN thread here:

Shout outs to those of you who are already sussed and good luck to everyone attending!
This weekend was the annual Armageddon Pop Culture Expo in Auckland and thanks to the awesome people at Adversity Gaming, we had the opportunity to be apart of their booth.

Now after being to a few, I thought I knew what to expect, but I'd have to say that it is a lot different being an exhibitor then being an attendee.

Before I go on, I'd like to give out 2 PHAT SHOUT OUTS.

First shout out goes to Mason "Massi4h" Maddox for coming along all 3 days we were there and even though we didn't ask him to, he came in and gave up his weekend and "Armageddon Time" to help us out by holding down the fort when my wandering eye needed to wander, letting us use his arcade sticks, droppping Kurt and I of home Sunday night and for being our resident champion holding it down against randoms all 3 days.
Even though we give you a lot of shit bro, it's because we know your a good cunt and you can take it. 
Churr, too much brother.

Second shout out goes to our newest member to the Admin team, Kurt "ScribbleART " Ratana, for offering to help out and giving up his weekend aswell and for also letting us use his xbox and arcade sticks for the WHOLE weekend. We've got a few ideas for events coming up, but I won't give them away just yet, when we sort them, you'll know.

Now on to the actual event itself. Turned up Saturday morning and set up in the middle of all the FPS action. Halo Reach on the left and Call of Duty on the right. We had a steady stream of people turning up, a few familiar faces, a few familiar names and a few new faces. Shout outs to the Alisa Cosplayer that showed up and proceeded to body everyone at Tekken Tag 2, sorry I didn't catch your name but I know you be lurkin' girlWink and to Maoriwazza after his self imposed retirement...you can never get away from fighting games haha.

Day 2 saw us get our set-up moved from the back to the front where we wouldn't be causing such a huge traffic jam. Sunday saw a whole bunch of new people show up and have a go at the fighting games we had on show. Started with some UMVC3 to get the ball rolling and suddenly a wild Smoof appeared. Shout outs to Rumble, RSxSaiyan, Unbeliever, Systempulse and Weyden for making an appearance and having a jam on the set-up. Congrats to Weyden coming through and stealing a prize off of Mason, his only proper loss during the whole weekend, so nice one bro. Special shout out to the guy running the Wolverine/Doom/She-Hulk team, Christchurch connection?

Day 3/Today was the last day. Showed up and just decided to let the games roll. Started with some Tekken Tag 2 and let all the passerbys have a go at it. We had a quite a big number of people interested in this game making us think about adding it to our Ranbats sessions. Then after Tekken we chucked on Street Fighter 4 AE2012 and saw another large group show up for a go.
Shout outs to Fist of Fury for almost taking out Masons win streak and getting that prize. Make it to ranbats bro and that Feilong of yours will be way more beast then it already is. Shoutouts to AndyDUB, t00thlessTiger, iMagneto, Zarzob and the oldschoolers Supawurm and JMC for making an apperance.
What's up to the bro Peter I spoke to about rolling down to ranbats when you can bro. Come down, have a jam.

So much more stuff I can't remember, but was definately an awesome experience. Check the facebook for some sneaky photos.


Thought this needed to be front paged because it's true.
I've just taken a few things from the post but they ring a lot of truth AUCKLAND SCENE!!!!!

If you got stuff to say, go here:


and show us what you've got this season, coming soon.

If your hungry to win you will be showing up to ranbats , last season having 2 or 3 people show up was fucking crap . 
Yet we have heaps of entrants for tourneys etc ...........
Also having wellington come up and almost win nats was scary as was the vergil invasion  , if Ajith didnt miss his flight things could have been pretty bleak .
This stands for all the Auckland Street fighter players as well , one day when Andy and Kevin stop turning up whos gunna be the Auckland gatekeeper ????
Whos hungry to level up and who wants to win ?????????
Im hungry as fuck but mostly for wicked wings but thats beside the point , im hungry anyway .
So hope to see lots of people show up to the new season of Marvel ranbats , street fighter included .
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm why arent I a mod on here yet and have the U-mans blog so I can speak the truth to the masses .
Well guys, WellyLan2013 has come and gone and what a SICK weekend that was.

Congratulations to our special guest attendee DB.Toxy for making the trip over and taking all our prizesYell

Check out our Facebook page for some sly photos

Check out the Adversity Gaming Facebook page for more sly photos

Check out the Filming Archon Facebook page for even more sly photos

Check out the Pariah Esports Facebook for photos and check their Youtube page for some sweet interview vids of MEKA Tte.Messi4h, DB Toxy and Jsculls and myself.


Also check out the Adversity Gaming Youtube page to find some of the matches we had up on the main stage.

Look out for DAT RACOON LEVEL 3 UGH.



New Zealand's favourite end of year fighting game tournament is back for it's 3rd installment, with a twist.
We thought the community has had to go through a lot of change lately, so why not give everyone a treat for Christmas? 
That's why this years Xmas Damager is being held at Garrisons Bar!
We are also introducing pre-registrations and prepayments, just so there's less hassle on the day, and more awesome!

Make sure to get registered, paid up and start practicing!

See you all on the 8th!
Something strange is happening at my local Ranbats.

The Wellington fighter scene is very much dominated by SF4:AE and, because of this, it is the first tourny to run every Sunday. Once completed, 80% of the attendees clear out and go home while the remainder set up the next game, usually MVC3:U or some other flavour du jour.

But the last two weeks have been different; after SF4:AE, we’ve been running a Tekken Tag
Tournament 2 bracket, and people have been sticking around to watch.
What a sick weekend guys, shout outs to Ben, Bill, Graeme and Hook for running shit.
Shout outs to Sami and Adversity Gaming for letting us join in on an awesome gaming weekend.
What an awesome venue we had, for the guys that couldn't make it up, you missed out!!!!!!!!!

Saturday saw us running all the tournaments up until winners finals, losers finals and grand finals for each game, which were then played on the Sunday.

King of Fighters made its first appearance at a Standing Fierce event and it was a success.

A few upsets here and there (IronSol vs Birrywong, Jsculls vs Optimus).

A big shout out to Alex for making 4th place at his first Nationals event. Had a lot of people worried about DAT RALF.

Congratulations to Mr Devilstar for taking 1st place. Street Fighter 4 and now King of Fighters...too much.

1st: Devil Star
2nd: SgtBangBang (Toomeke)
3rd: Birry Wong

Street Fighter X Tekken had quite a large number of entrants despite the communities mixed feelings towards this game.

Congratulations to Zosla for showing us that good footsies win every time.

1st: Zosla
2nd: MEKA Tt.Massi4h
3rd: Maoriwazza

Having the largest amount of entrants, this game was always going to be on everyones "must win" list.

So many close matches, you just had to be there to see them all.

A few matches of note:

IronSol vs Gankatron, the runback from Nationals last year, Gankatron coming out on top again. Runback?

Denjin Dhalsim showing his time spent in Japan has made him quite a contender taking out Devilstar 2-0, sending him to losers.

Nostalgik from Wellington showing of his Viper, sending wild card killers Ahduhmah and Weazy to losers.

Congratulations to Zosla for taking his place on the throne as the new king of New Zealands Street Fighter 4 scene.

1st: Zosla
2nd: Devilstar
3rd: Nostalgik

HYPE, that is all you need to know about this game.

Dave putting Mason on notice, "I'm coming for that 1st place son"

Jsculls and Nemesis showing excellent form for Wellington, both making top 8.

R.S. Saiyan with another strong showing, proving that his 2nd place at First Blood 2 was no fluke.

Congratulations to MEKA Tt.Massi4h on winning and keeping Aucklands pride intact.

1st: MEKA Tt.Massi4h
2nd: SS|Nemesis
3rd: SgtBangBang

That was just a quick run down on the weekend, but seriously, the amount of matches that were going on, there was no way to see everything, talk to everyone or play everything.

Go here to say what up to people that you met, or to just post about the event: