Shout outs to Gino for making this Evo 2013 Schedule in NZ time so you can make sure you watch all your favourite games! Click the image to view full size.


Hey guys we are announcing in the lead up to Nationals, the Standing Fierce Arcade Academy.

Starting next Friday the 28th of June, we shall be running a series of events to get everyone leveled up and ready for competition.

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Posted by Jonny Brown

AE writeup if you want it?                                                                           

Ra(nzm) made an appearance with his Hakan, showing good improvement and giving Jsculls a good run.

Gino talked a big game but didn't bring it to the table.

Kim Lim churned his way to the grand final by winning the most boring winners final possible.

Jsculls made some smart decisions on the 50/50s to take out polenykes in losers final, but ultimately it didn't matter because T.Hawk is a dick.
New forum is up!

Read the relavent details here:

The main thing is that you NEED to reset your forum password by going here:

Email me if you don't get the password reset email! - Hook 

//UPDATE - With 6 days to go, all goals have been reached!! This means that the stretch piece will be available as well as the Link itself.

SRK member and major contributor to the FGC, Phreakzzoid of needs help re-releasing The Link.  It is a jlf shaft that disconnects from the top of any fight/arcade stick.  He designed it to help those who do a lot or traveling to events and have difficulty keeping the stick/shaft safe.  He has started a Kickstarter to get help from the FG community to keep this project from dying. He needs to get to $12k in the next 25 days to get any funding from Kickstater.

For more info click here: 

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Posted by jsculls

Quick little write-up from yesterday.

WoWbats was sick. Guest appearance by the BBOYDRAW to hand over an oversized actuator (no joke).

Sicksculls in full flight not only reaching level 20 on his rogue and obtaining his mount but also taking out both side tournaments of something called SSF4AE? and some other random game with flying characters called UMVC3.

It's almost like he's from the future or some sh_t. How can one man possess so much talent?

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Posted by too friendly

I will try to do a Wellington ranbat update

Kim had a QBW and proceeded to win SF4:AE with T.Hawk. He gave a long speech at the end about how T.Hawk is a good guy, showed slides and talked about what we can all do to help prevent global warming.

Head over to forums and jump in our online league.

We are into the 5th week of the Xbox Live League, and with numbers showing interest in a PS3 league, it won't be long before that is off and running.

Also announcements will be coming for upcoming events cough*nationals*cough

and don't worry we haven't forgotten about ranbats, we know what you guys want.

so until then jump into the league, get your matches done, get them analysed by your peers, no better way to get better then to be told what you're doing wrong haha


Thanks to the guys at Automania, we have ourselves a sweet spot at New Zealands premiere outdoor car event.

There are going to be loads of car things, but all you really need to know are 2 things:

2. We will be running a mini day tournament.

3 Games on offer:
- Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting
- Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012
- Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Each tournament will cost $10 to enter.
There will be a cap on entrants due to our time restriction.

16 player cap for Tekken Tag Tournament 2
16 player cap for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012
32 player cap for Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting

Schedule will be up later for the day.

This is going to be a fun filled day for everyone, bring along yah kids, the wifey, the missus, the mistress, the know whatevz.

We will be sharing the space with the homies from Adversity Gaming, so if you've been playing dat Halo/CoD on the sly, then why not have a jam on that as well.

We will have some prizes to give away on the day.

Keep an eye on the Facebook and the forum for updates.