So everything that was recorded has now been put up on to youtube.

The playlists have been compiled chronologically per game, but unfortunately most of SFxT was on when stream issues were occurring so there aren't too many matches.

UMVC3 playlist:

SFxT playlist:

AE2012 playlist:

Grand Finals




FT10 AE2012 SXU 2013 Champ Vs SXU 2012 Champ Exhibition:
IR U IM B IL E(SXU 13) vs zosla(SXU 12)

Play the Champ:



Digital Nationz and Standing Fierce are proud to present the MAD CATZ MIGHTIEST FIGHTING GAME TOURNAMENT!!

This event will take place over the two day digital expo at Vector Arena and will live streamed by the NZ stream guru B1ackstarNinjaaaaa!

Games are SSF4AE, UMVC3 and SFXT.

Numbers are limited to 16 man brackets so make sure to get in early to secure your place!

Registrations can be found here:

All other news, questions and discusions can be found here: 

Digital Nationz Official website:

Ticket information:
I know this is a bit late, shout outs to everyone that made it last weekend, especially those that made the trip up to Auckland, thank you for coming along and participating. Whether you were a offline vet, first time attendee, online warrior or a spouse or parent who came along to support, we really apprecaite all of you for showing up. I would name names, but the list is massive, met soooooooo many good people over the weekend, it was such a blast to chat to every single one of you, so please know this is directed at all of you out there.

Now for the winners, congratulations MEKA Tt. massi4h for holding off Damicous to once again claim the UMVC3 crown. Although it appeared like a blow-up in the GF, we all know how close these two are skill-wise, so well done to both of you boys for having a awesome year.

Congrats to IR U IM B IL E for taking home the AE2012 title through losers, also shout outs to IronSOL for performing so well during the weekend in AE2012 only losing in the Grand Final.

Congrats to the youngster Break1ngxPo1nt for claiming his first title in SFxT against MEKA Tt massi4h, was an exciting Finals to watch and great to see you pull through little bro.

Congrats to BG for taking out TTT2 with a real strong performance against SS│Blackout in the Grand Final.

Congrats to SS│Blackout for snatching a close Grand Final in Injustice from one of the other youngsters, AceNinjaNZ which was his first tourney attendance, beating tough opponents on his way to the GF.

Also, congrats to SS│Blackout for winning the first ever NZ Divekick tournamnet, thanks Mason for running this bro, was a real fun game.

And congrats again to Mr. Hyper Fighter himself, T Thunder for holding down SF2Hyper in a close Grand Final and the boss character Kevin aka D3vilstar for his strong performance on Saturday to keep the KOF13 belt again for another year.

Again, shout outs to everyone that made it.

And shot to Euan for being the King of Streaming in NZ, check out the archives at, show him some love and hit the follow button and let your friends, friend know about him. Thanks to everyone that jumped on the mic, especially Lennythehero and Euan for keeping everyone entertained on the chat for the majority of the weekend.

Shout outs to those who brang in their gear, III WaZa III, massi4h, Tommyharmonic, geneterror, IronSOL, and anyone else that lent stuff and Bill for helping run the brackets, shot dude. And very special thanks to Kurt aka scribble and Dave aka Optimus Dave for running such a great event at a perfect venue. These two dudes put a lot of their time and work into events such as these for the community with little to no return from it. they do it for the love of it. Show your support guys and give these two dudes a pat on the back or a shout em a beer or two if you ever see them. Cheers boys.

Once again, great weekend, hope yall had fun and hope to see yall again soon!


1.MEKA Tt. massi4h(Magneto, Dr.Doom, Pheonix/Wesker, Haggar, Pheonix) - AKL
2.Damicous(Wesker, Deadpool, Dr.Doom) - AKL
3.SS│Blackout(Wolverine, Dr.Doom, Vergil) - WEL
4.RS xSaiyanx(Magneto, Dr.Doom, Pheonix) - AKL
5.SS│jsculls(Magneto, Dr.Doom, Vergil) - WEL
5.ChiLeNnoX(Spencer, Dr.Doom, Vergil/Nova, Dr.Doom, Strider) - AKL
7.SS│nemesis - WEL
7.IronSOL - AKL
9.BlackStar Ninja(Magneto, Dr.Doom, Pheonix) - AKL
9.Nick4Now - CHCH
9.Alex Alba - AKL
9.weyden - TAR
13.MaSEB0T - DUN
13.geneterror - AKL
13.SS│polenykes - WEL
17.systempulse - TAR
17.MJT - DUN
17.eru - AKL
17.T Thunder - AKL
17.DSilv3R - AKL

1.IR U IM B IL E(Cody/Ryu) - AKL
2.IronSOL(E.Honda) - AKL
3.III WaZa III(Cammy/Gen) - AKL
4.DSilv3R(Guy) - AKL
5.Andy Wong(Ken/Seth) - AKL
5.SS│jsculls(Rufus) - WEL
7.Unbeliever(Rufus) - AKL
7.Casta(Blanka) - NEW CAL
9.D3vilstar(T Hawk) - AKL
9.Kim(T Hawk) - WEL
9.RS xSaiyanx(Ryu) - AKL
9.Enzzed(Sagat/Dhalsim) - AKL
13.MEKA Tt. massi4h(Sakura/Akuma) - AKL
13.GirlsDigMyScore(Seth/Ryu) - GIS
13.Aluf(El Fuerte) - AKL
13.Mysteryz(Gouken) - DUN
17.TommyHarmonic(Rose) - AKL
17.SS│polenykes(Balrog) - WEL
17.MJT(Sagat) - DUN
17.SAS NZTGA(Dee Jay) - AKL
17.Nick4Now(Juri) - CHCH
17.Damicous(Ken) - AKL
17.Systempulse - TAR
17.Delirious - AKL
25.Optimus Dave(Fei Long) - AKL
25.Mooose(Yun) - WEL
25.BirryWong(El Fuerte) - AKL
25.Smash King(Ryu/Guile) - AKL
25.SpiritArchangel(Ryu) - AKL
25.ChiLeNnoX(Fei Long) - AKL
25.SS│nemesis(Fei Long) - AKL
25.FX(Rufus) - NEW CAL
33.Alex Toa - AKL
33.FistofFury - AKL
33.T Thunder - AKL
33.Jesse Daniels(C.Viper/Chun-li) - AKL

1.Break1ngXPo1nt(Hworang, Law/Bob) - AKL
2.MEKA Tt. massi4h(Rufus, Lily/Rufus, Ryu) - AKL
3.IR U IM B IL E(Elena, Asuka) - AKL
4.SS│jsculls(Rolento, - WEL
5.D3vilstar - AKL
5.Unbeliever - AKL
7.Tommyharomic - AKL
7.DSilv3R(Guy, Ryu) - AKL
9.SS│Blackout - WEL
9.T Thunder - AKL
9.GirlsDigMyScore - GIS
13.Optimus Dave - AKL

1.BG(King, Amour King) - AKL
2.SS│Blackout(Lars, Leo/Bruce, Leo) - WEL
3.ncea(Kazuya, Jin) - AKL
4.SS│nemesis(Kazuya, Marshall Law) - WEL
5.MEKA Tt. massi4h - AKL
7.DSilv3R - AKL
7.T Thunder - AKL
9.Jesse Daniels - AKL
9.Optimus Dave - AKL

1.SS│Blackout(Superman) - WEL
2.AceninjaNZ(Batman) - AKL
3.SS│jsculls(Superman) - WEL
4.MaSEB0T(Green Lantern) - DUN
5.Tongan Ninja(Scorpion) - AKL
5.DSilv3R(Doomsday) - AKL
7.SS│nemesis - WEL
7.T Thunder(Sinistro) - AKL
9.MEKA Tt. massi4h(Black Adam) - AKL
9.Optimus Dave(Green Lantern) - AKL

1.T Thunder(Ryu/Chun-li) - AKL
2.Wiz(Ryu/Chun-li/Blanka) - AKL
3.Nick4Now(Zangief) - CHCH
4.RSxSaiyanx(Ken) - AKL
5.Matthew - AKL
7.MEKA Tt. massi4h - AKL
7.SAS NZTGA(Zangief/Ryu) - AKL
9.IronSOL - AKL
9.DSilv3R(Ryu) - AKL
9.SS│jsculls - WEL
9.RelentlessWeaponX - TAR
13.Smash King - AKL
13.SS│nemesis - WEL
13.weyden - TAR
13.SS│polenykes(Balrog) - WEL
17.Optimus Dave - AKL

1.D3vilstar(EX Iori, Benimaru, Clark) - AKL
2.Alex Alba(Ralf, EX Iori, Takuma) - AKL
3.ChiLeNnoX(EX Iori, Ralf, Takuma) - AKL
4.Nick4Now(Kyo, Hwa, Yuri) - CHCH
5.BirryWong - AKL
5.geneterror - AKL
7.MEKA Tt.massi4h - AKL
7.SS│jsculls - WEL
9.DSilv3R(Ryo, King, EX Kyo) - AKL
9.SS│Blackout - WEL
9.T Thunder - AKL
9.IronSOL - AKL
13.Optimus Dave - AKL

1. SS│Blackout - WEL
2. ChiLeNnoX - AKL
3. Samurai Black - AKL, III WaZa III - AKL
5. SS│jsculls, - WEL GirlsDigMyScore - GIS, DSilv3R - AKL, IronSOL - AKL
9. Unbeliever - AKL, Andy Wong - AKL, MEKA Tt massi4h - AKL, IR U IM B IL E - AKL, Nick4Now - CHCH, Fist of Fury - AKL, Moose - WEL, T Thunder - AKL
17. SS│polenykes - WEL, RS xSaiyanx - AKL, Damicous - AKL
20. Bentor, Break1ngXPo1nt - AKL, D3vilstar - AKL, Electric - AKL, Enzzed - AKL, Isaac, - AKL, iWick3D - AKL, ncea - AKL, Paul, Tongan Ninja - AKL, weyden - TAR

Finals Battle Log

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SOUTHERN X UP 2013!!!!!! 


Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012

MEKA.Tt massi4h(Sakura) Vs III WaZa III(Cammy)Grand Final

Street Fighter X Tekken

IR U IM B IL E(Elena/Asuka) Vs MEKA.Tt massi4h(Alisa/Rufus)  Grand Final

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

MEKA.Tt massi4h Vs Damicous Grand Final

Video currently unavailable


                     Finals Videos

                      Grand Final

                      Grand Final

                      Grand Final

                      Grand Final
                      Grand Final

                      Grand Final

                      Losers Final

For more videos, check the link here

Thanks to Blackstar Ninja for streaming the event, check him out @ TwitchTV

Also, thanks to,
zosla at
spiritualarchangel at
MaSEB0T at
shot for supplying vids, cheers boys.

Again, thanks to everyone that showed up for SXU 13 and made it a awesome weekend.

Losers Finals Vids
Mean day yesterday, shot for everyone that turned up. Nats isn't complete yet, so I won't do a complete write up yet.

A lot of upsets in a lot of games. GGs to the boys I played, I'ma just let everyone know what matches are remaining.

But firstly massive congratulations to yesterdays winners, Thomas Foster aka TThunder for taking our Street Fighter 2 Hyper, congrats, dude. You're still the man to beat, but Wiz did his best to take that belt from you. Thanks both of you for making it an exciting Finals and to everyone else that showed up to play yesterday.

Congratulations to Kevin aka D3vilstar for claiming the KOF13 crown once again and well done to Alex Alba for working his way through everyone including his own training partner ChiLeNnoX to get to Kevin. Shot to all of those the showed up, even at the last minute to play, this is such a fun game.

A few of KOF matches were capped, unfortunately most weren't, sorry guys, that was my fault. But we definitely have the Losers Final and will be posted up next week.

Check out archives for the Grand Final for both HF and KOF if you missed it yesterday. Stream will be back up today, so get your stream monstering on today boys for the Finals.

Good luck to the remaining Finalists in each game, these are the remaining matches.

Winners Final
MEKA Tt. massi4h - AKL Vs SS|Blackout - WEL

Losers Quater Finals
ChiLeNnoX - AKL Vs Damicous - AKL

Losers Quater Finals
SS|jsculls - WEL Vs RS xSayianx - AKL

Winners Final
IR U IM B IL E(Cody) - AKL Vs IronSOL(E.Honda) - AKL

Losers Quater Finals
SS|jsculls(Rufus) - WEL Vs Winner of Losers Match 1

Losers Quater Finals
Andy Wong(Ken/Seth) - AKL Vs Winner of Losers Match 2

Losers Match 1
Casta(Blanka) - NEW CAL Vs III WaZa III(Cammy/Gen) - AKL

Losers Match 2
DSilv3R(Guy) - AKLVs Unbeliever(Rufus/Dhalsim) - AKL

Winners Final
MEKA Tt. massi4h - AKL Vs Break1ngxPo1nt - AKL

Losers Semi-Final
IR U IM B IL E - AKLVs SS|jsculls - WEL

Grand Final
BG - AKLVs Waiting for winner of Losers Final

Losers Final
ncea - AKLVs Waiting for winner of Losers Semi Final

Losers Semi Final
SS|nemesis - WELVs SS|Blackout - WEL

Grand Final
SS|Blackout - WELVs Waiting for winner of Losers Final

Losers Final
SS|jsculls - WEL Vs Waiting for winner of Losers Semi Final

Losers Semi Final
MaseB0T - DUN Vs AceninjaNZ - AKL

10am start up peoples. Do show up, even if it's just for casuals, just make sure you hit the front counter first before walking through to the casuals stations.

Once again good luck to everyone else today and catch the stream, big shout outs to the bro Euan for bringing in his gear to stream the event.

Last week concluded Season 2 of the Online Leagues on both XBL and PSN.

While there were a few surprise results like in PSN and XBL IGAU Finals with MaSEB0T and myself coming out on top of our respective leagues. Enzzed also managed to pull a surprise upset win over nzqa in the TTT2 XBL Grand Final.

Season 1 XBL champion IR U IM B IL E pulled a repeat in SF4AE2012, claiming top honours again from III WaZa III who had another strong season, only losing in the final match of the season.

XBL crowns for SFxT and UMVC3 both went to massi4h, who meet surprise Finalist, T Thunder and DenjinNZ who did their best to challenge the form player in both(ok a lot of) games leading into Nationals.

On the PSN AE finals, zosla took Evil Ryu all the way to be crowned Champ. The TTT2 Grand Final for the PSN league never happened, with nemesis not being able to find his game disc before the deadline thus forfeiting the biggest match of the Season to Blackout.

I'd like to congratulate all the winners and those that made it to the Finals. To everyone who participated for the season 2, thank you, I'd like to hope yall had fun with a little bit of salt added. Shot to Euan aka Black Star Ninja for streaming the AE Grand Final! And a special shout outs to JB, seriously wouldn't of got jack ish done if you weren't helping out, big thanks man.

Been fun guys, we'll be at it again at a later time, till then train up and see everyone at Nationals!

Finals Results

Southern X Up 2013


New Zealands fighting game nationals.

WellyLAN2013, First Blood 3, Fight Night at the Winchester, XBL/PS3 Online League.....they all lead up to this.

With 7 games on offer there will be lots of salt and rivalries born from this.

Who wants prize money, Who wants trophies.....WHEN ITS ALL ABOUT THE BRAGGING RIGHTS.

(Prizes and trophies will still be given to winners, for all you swag monsters)

With players coming in from all over New Zealand, this will be the biggest national fighting games event in New Zealand EVER!!!!

Being held at the Ballerific Copthorne Harbourside on Auckland's Quay street, right next to the Viaduct Harbour, we will be greeted
with wonderful harbour views, but as if we're going to be looking out the windows much with so much action going on, 2 days will seem way too short.
Afterwards all those of us that are old enough can head upstairs to the bar, or if you're feeling like a dance, Aucklands Viaduct Harbour and surrounding area have a very busy night life.
For any out of Aucklanders looking for accomodation, the Copthorne is offering us $139 a night for Bed and Breakfast package in one of their superior rooms, all of which are facing the water, get that harbour view.

We are still working on further accomodation deals, which will be finalised in the coming week.

Check the poster for details, hit up the registration thread here:

Any questions, hit up the tournament info thread: 

SOUTHERN X UP 2013 LEZGO!!!!!!!!