Hey Guys my name is CptMunta creator of 3 Green Bars. A youtube series looking at different fighting game communities across the globe. 

This blog is kind of to collect my thoughts on different scenes, stories and experiences that were caught on and off camera and to post up interesting footage that didn't make the cut. 

It's hard to believe that it was only July last year when I was on holiday in Germany. I decided to meet up with some local players in Hamburg, to get some games in and to stop my Rose getting rusty. I bought my crappy cybershot camera, dusted off my video editing skills I got way back in 99' doing a diploma course in multimedia and covered some of Hamburg's Super Street Fighter IV scene just for fun.

All of 3 Green Bars series one on location equipment:

Sony Cybershot

I was travelling to several other countries on my trip so I thought: "Why not cover their scenes too?". After such a warm response from so many communites, I thought I'd better set out some goals:

1. Understand how their scene was built.
With arcades, Without Arcades, Through the online scene, SF4's effect on the community, Divide between New School and old school.

2. Interview a broad spectrum of players.
Because the top 8 are only 8 players in the community. The bulk of the community is made up of many players, all of which play an important part in building a scene and sharing their voices is important. My focus is the community not skill level.

3. Cover each community regardless of size, player base and skill level.
I was more interested in what makes each community tick and how they keep building on and sustaining interest in their player base.

4. Get the word out about each community I visit.
Help promote each scene with 3 Green bars and hopefully get more people involved and informed about it. Help players realize there might be a community nearby that they may never have even known about.

And so 3 Green Bars was born. 

Here at the trailers for series one and two.

Series 1 Trailer

Series 2 Trailer

You can check out the episodes on my Youtube channel. 

Thanks for reading guys. Next week I'll talk about the German fighting game scene. 

Little Known Fact:
Ryan Hart does an incredibly accurate Dhalism SF4 Dash animation impression. :)